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domingo, 20 de maio de 2012

What is sustainability

To become a sustainable city, point of reducing greenhouse gas emissionsresponsible for the greenhouse gases that cause global warming, it is necessarythat some actions are taken throughout the change is população.paraevident in the quality of air, wind chill and humidity is necessary thatchoices become part of routine, especially with regard to what isdone with the waste, pollution and energia.eles are the giants of the emission of greenhouseeffect estufa.e this post suggests just some ideas and simple solutions

all, society and state in Brazil and around the world need to beattentive to meet and improve the environment we live
What is Sustainability?
Sustainability is a systemic concept, relating to the continuity of economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects of human society.
It is proposed to be a means of configuring civilization and human activity, so that society, its members and their economies can fill their needs and express their greatest potential at present, while preserving bio diversity and natural ecosystems, planning and acting to achieve pro-efficiency in the maintenance of these ideals indefinitely.
Sustainability encompasses many levels of organization, from the local neighborhood to the entire planet.
Free Global Warming
The greenhouse effect that happens on earth is very similar to the mechanics of gases used for the cultivation of some plantas.ou is the sun's rays through the atmosphere and warms the earth's surface, the infrared radiation of heat isreflected and part of it is retained because of gases in the air.
clear that without the heat today, the world would be cold and lifeless. However the excess gases,mainly carbon dioxide [CO2] produces changes that alter the entire planet's climate. The consequence of global warming can be seen in the form of hurricanes, heat waves, intense glacier melting and rising sea levels. Some scientists argue the theory that this kind of climate change has always occurred, but the man's action also accelerates this process.
Attitude to mitigate CO2 emissions
Simple changes in routine can reduce much of the individual emissions of global warming gases, including CO2 bringing benefits im-comparable to the environment. Stay tuned for abtos daily and see your familypoints which can improve, ensuring the purest air in the future.
Choose renewable fuel instead of petroleum-derivedPrioritize public transport, especially the low emission
of gaseous pollutants such as metro, trains, electric buses and those whouse biodiesel.
Apply the system of carpooling with friends to do the
same path to go to school, college or work.The bike is a great means of locomotion: practical, fast and clean.If the distance is not too large go on foot.Stop using plastic bagsEnergy
Invest in solar panels for electric power.Light bulbs, fans turn on and use the air con-
tioned when it is dark or too quente.paracool and light the room open curtains and windows.
For some floors using the stairs instead of elevatorReplace electric water heater for solar it is more expensive,but it does not pollute and worth the investment.
In the kitchen, use the conventional clock battery and connect the

microwave only for reheating food releasing the deviceFunction
Take electronics outlet when not using
to read a book and not light a lamp light more potentroom.Leave the refrigerator away from stove to save energy in
time to cool the food.
Decrease the number of plastic packaging bottles when changing
the water filter

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